Thanksgiving Jokes For Kids

thanksgiving jokes for kids corn

* Why do pilgrims’ pants fall down?
– They wear their belt buckles on their hats!

* What should you wear to Thanksgiving dinner?
– A har-vest!

* Why did the scarecrow win the Nobel Prize?
* He was out standing in his field!

* What’s a pumpkin’s favorite sport?
– Squash!

* How do you grow mashed potatoes?
– Run over your field with a steamroller!

* Where did the Pilgrims stand when they landed?
– On their feet!

* If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?
– Pilgrims!

* What is Dracula’s favorite holiday?
– Fangs-giving!

* What did baby corn say to mama corn?
– Where’s popcorn?

* Where did the first corncob come from?
– The stalk brought it!

* What smells the best at Thanksgiving dinner?
– Your nose!

* What’s the difference between a pirate and a cranberry farmer?
– A pirate buries his treasure, but a cranberry farmer treasures his berries.

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