Cat Jokes For Kids

cat jokes for kids

* What do you call a cat in an automobile?
– A car-pet!

* Why are cats good at video games?
– They have nine lives!

* Why don’t cats like shopping online?
– They prefer cat-alogs!

* What’s worse than raining cats and dogs?
– Hailing taxis!

* Where did the kittens go on a field trip?
– The mew-seum!

* What looks like half of a cat?
– The other half!

* Why do cats make terrible story tellers?
– They only have one tail.

* Why do cats like TV remotes?
– It has a paws button!

* What is a cat’s favorite color?
– Purrr-ple.

* Have you ever seen a catfish?
– No. How does he hold the fishing pole?

* What do you call a cat that was caught by the police?
– A purr-patrator.

* What do cats eat for breakfast?
– Mice Crispies!

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