Jokes for Kids about Horses

horse jokes for kids

* What did the horse say when it fell?
– I’ve fallen and I can’t giddyup!

* What do you give a sick horse?
– Cough stirrup.

* Which horses only go out at night?
– Nightmares!

* What do you call a pony with a sore throat?
– A little hoarse.

* What sickness do horses hate the most?
– Hay fever!

* What does it mean if you found a horseshoe?
– A horse is walking around in his socks!

* Which side of the horse has the most hair?
– The outside!

* How long are a horse’s legs?
– Long enough to reach the ground!

* What do you call a horse that lives next door?
– A NEIGH-bour.

* When does a horse talk?
– Whinny wants to!

* Why did the horse cross the road?
– Somebody shouted hay!

* Why do people ride horses?
– Because they’re too heavy to carry!

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