Library Jokes For Kids

library jokes for kids

* Why does an elephant use her trunk as a bookmark?
– Then she NOSE where she stopped reading!

* What do planets like to read?
– Comet books.

* Why was the dinosaur afraid to go to the library?
– His books were 65 million years overdue.

* What vegetables do librarians like?
– Quiet peas!

* Where does a librarian sleep?
– Between the covers!

* What building has the most stories?
– The library!

* Where was the librarian when the lights went out?
– In the dark!

* What does a book do in the winter?
– Puts on a book jacket!

* What do librarians take fishing?
– Bookworms!

* Why didn’t the burglar break into the library?
– He was afraid he’d get a long sentence!

* What does the librarian say when she has to leave?
– Time to book!

* Why did people stop going to the library?
– It was all booked!

* Why did the ghost come back to the library every day?
– She went through her books too quickly!

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