Art Jokes for Kids

art jokes for kids

* What did the artist draw before he went to bed?
– The curtains!

* Why did the paintbrush see a doctor?
– It had a stroke!

* What does a momma color wheel say to a baby color wheel?
– Don’t use that tone with me.

* What’s green and smells like blue paint?
– Green paint!

* Why was the artist afraid he might go to jail?
– Because he’d been framed!

* How do you inspire an artist?
– Easel-y

* What does Salvador Dali have for breakfast?
– A bowl of surreal!

* What’s orange and sounds like a parrot?
– A carrot!

* Did you hear about the artist that always took things too far?
– She didn’t know where to draw the line.

* Which animals are famous painters?
– Pablo Pig-caso and Vincent van Goat!

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