Superhero Jokes For Kids

superhero jokes for kids

* What’s the difference between Batman and a robber?
– Batman can go into a store without robin!

* What does Spiderman do for a living?
– He’s a web designer!

* What is a superhero’s favorite drink?
– Fruit punch!

* When does Poison Ivy change her underwear?
– When they are soiled!

* What is it called when Iron Man does a cart wheel?
– A Ferrous Wheel!

* What is Spider-Man’s favorite month?
– Web-ruary!

* What do you get if you cross the man of steel with veggie broth?
– SOUPerman!

* What is a villain’s favorite part of the joke?
– The punch line!

* What superhero uses public transportation?
– BUS Lightyear!

* What would you find in Superman’s bathroom?
– A Superbowl!

* Why doesn’t Superman have many friends?
– He wears his underwear over his pants!

* Why did Bruce’s date go badly?
– He has BAT breath!

* What does a superhero put in their drink?
– Just ice!

* Why couldn’t Batman go fishing?
– Robin ate all the worms!

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