Homemade Bread

homemade bread

Hey everyone. We’re going to try blogging a bit more and include some things that don’t really relate to our books, but we love.

I love fresh cooked bread (that amazing smell!) and I love eating those fancy breads you have to crunch through to reach a warm, fluffy, bubble-filled interior. It’s been a passion of mine to try to bake something like that at home. The last couple years, my wife has had to suffer through some pretty terrible loaves: rock hard, super salty, too mushy, and too sour (when I was trying sour dough).

BUT… over the holidays, I finally figured out how to do it! The secret was to bake the bread in a covered pot in a really hot oven. Here’s the recipe and technique I tried. The actual recipe is quite easy—you don’t even need to kneed! The hardest part was finding a pot with a lid that could safely be baked at 450 degrees.

How do like your bread? White bread? Whole wheat? No crusts? Crunchy French bread?

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