Remember to use your five senses

Double Rainbow
Great news! We all have five senses, so why do we forget to use them?

I’m amazed how often I pound down my dinner without even tasting it, drive to work without stopping near a grove of red maple leaves, or turn on background music without realizing it’s on.  (That last one might be for the better considering it’s Yanni.)

Our senses are our only immediate connection to the physical world, so it’s a shame we don’t use actually them…. I think it’s because our brains run a muck.  They tell us we need to get to places faster or that it’s more efficient to pick up food that doesn’t even taste that good.  That way we can focus on what the brain wants us to do more.  We’re so busy listening to our brains that we forget about the beautiful world we live in.

I’m sick of it.  The last year, I have started to follow my senses.  I have slowed down and eaten a peach with my eyes closed so I could really taste the juice.  I stopped and watched a double rainbow on the drive home.  I went hiking and heard the crunch of the Earth below me.  Not only does my time feel more meaningful and ceremonious when I listen to my senses, but I feel more relaxed.  I feel more in sync with what it means to be a human.

So cook your favorite meal, eat it at your dining room table and put your fork down throughout the meal… let me know what you think….