Short Kids Poem: Vegetables & Pets

kids poems vegetables and pets

My bison won’t eat broccoli.
My panther won’t eat peas.
My mice will not eat mushrooms.
It’s only cheese they please.

I’ve tried to feed my cow
a healthy dose of kale,
but she just turns her nose
and flicks it with her tail.

I wish they’d even eat a bite!
I think that would be great
since I cannot get up to play
until I clear my plate.

Short Kids Poem: The Moon

short kids poem moon

I’m waiting for a rocket ship
to take me to the moon.
My best friend has been building one.
He’ll pick me up by noon.

First we’re going to skip moon rocks
across the milky way.
And then we’ll ask some aliens
to dance the Moon Ballet.

I think we’ll do some fishing
for comets passing by.
We likely won’t catch any,
but it’s still fun to try.

It always takes my breath away
to see Earth from on the air.
But soon I’ll have to come back home—
There are no bathrooms there.

Short Kids Poem: Wishing Well

kids poem wishing well

I came across a wishing well
and had a coin to spare.
I closed my eyes and made a wish
then tossed it in the air.

I asked for my own wishing well.
(The smartest wish to make!)
I felt my craving coming true:
the ground began to shake.

I ran back home to my bedroom,
but where was my own well?
It had to be here somewhere
since I used a magic spell.

I search until the sun had set.
There’s nowhere it could hide.
Then I saw that my sink was full
with one cent by its side.

I’m glad I got another wish,
but I had wanted more.
So I’ll ask for magic lamps
with real genies galore!