Short Kids Poem: Video Games

Kids Poem Video Games

I wish there was a video game
that let me clean me room
with shiny mops and old dust pans
and dreary, deathly doom.

I want explosive mess-be-gones,
robotic cleaning whales.
They all know how to save the Earth
and vacuum with their tales.

But since there aren’t aliens
who’ve learned to make my bed
I guess I’ll have to just sit here
and play my games instead!

Short Kids Poem: Unicorn

short kids poem donkey unicorn

You may have a stable
with two unicorns,
but I have a donkey
with a dozen horns.

The first one casts a rainbow
straight into the sky.
The next one provides lift
that lets my donkey fly.

Three play like a flute
and one’s invisible.
Another is a gauge
to tell him when he’s full.

The gold one’s decorative.
The silver one’s a straw.
One horn can hold paper
while others learn to draw.

One horn lets him breath
while swimming in the sea.
The last two always fight.
Why can’t those horns agree!

Short Kids Poem: Queen

short kids queen poem

Our school had a problem:
the principal was mean
so I wrote a letter
to the dear old Queen.

She wanted a new job.
She claimed that she was bored.
So she kicked him out
and took over our ward.

We all are royal slaves
who’ve sworn to study hard
and never pick a fight
when on the school yard.

Our school is more grand.
Our school’s much more chic.
At lunch we have banquets
with jubilees each week.

The Queen is very nice.
She lets us wear her crown
and she decrees “recess”
whenever there’s a frown.

Short Kids Poem: Summer

short kids poem summer

I want to get ahead.
I hate to be behind.
In summer I do chores
so fall I can unwind.

Today I raked the leaves.
It’s easy when there’s less.
Then I shoveled snow
in my summer dress.

I hung the Christmas lights
then put them all away.
I kept emptying the trash.
I don’t like to delay.

I cleaned the sink twelve times.
(There wasn’t any grime).
I’ve finished all my chores….
until next summertime!