Scared to be funny?


Have you ever come across a laugh so cold and menacing that you were actually afraid of being funny?

Walking through a parking lot, I heard a woman in a white SUV laugh a crueler cackle than any Disney villain. The whole time I walked by her car, I consciously held my mouth tight so no accidental quips from a passing stranger would set her off.

Give me a strange honk or snort any day!

Banana phones could be a reality


I recently read that we’re getting close to printing electronics (like circuit boards) in a printer… which would make them lighter, thinner, more flexible and cheaper.

If you could print and embed a phone into any object, what would it be? It sounds a bit cliche, but I would love a phone embedded in a real banana. I just worry what it would do to my productivity….

How often do we wash our hands?

henna hand

Last weekend we decorated my hand and my wife’s belly with some henna. In less than a week mine was gone and her’s was just starting to fade in a few places. That got me wondering: how many times do I wash my hands in an average day… So today I’m counting hand washes. It’s 11AM and I’m up to 8 already. (I think her belly washes have remained at 1.)