Short Kids Poem: Unicorn

short kids poem donkey unicorn

You may have a stable
with two unicorns,
but I have a donkey
with a dozen horns.

The first one casts a rainbow
straight into the sky.
The next one provides lift
that lets my donkey fly.

Three play like a flute
and one’s invisible.
Another is a gauge
to tell him when he’s full.

The gold one’s decorative.
The silver one’s a straw.
One horn can hold paper
while others learn to draw.

One horn lets him breath
while swimming in the sea.
The last two always fight.
Why can’t those horns agree!

Short Kids Poem: Australia

short kids poem Australia
I shared a bowl of popcorn
with a kangaroo
and bought a pet koala
at the Sydney Zoo.

It turns out my Koala’s
an expert singing Strauss
so we sang together
at the Opera House.

After our big show
we met a cockatoo
who drove us to the beach
for a bar-be-que.

The bar-be-que was fun
but we had to keep it brief:
tomorrow we are going
to snorkel the great reef!

Short Kids Poem: Family

short kids poem about family

I’m sure you think your family
is totally bizarre,
but mine is so much stranger
than all of yours by far!

My grandma raises poodles
on the hills of Tuscany
and trains them to be waiters
for the cruise ships out at sea.

My uncle dyes his hair
to look like a snake’s skin,
then hisses like a cobra
as he hides behind a bin.

My aunt seems really shy.
She’s thoughtful and polite —
except she quacks like ducks
whenever there’s no light.

They almost can act normal
if you see them one by one
— but get them all together
and your Christmas is real fun!