Butterflies Don’t Chew Bubblegum

Butterflies Don’t Chew Bubblegum


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Fast Facts

  • Title: Butterflies Don’t Chew Bubblegum!
  • Ages: 2-4
  • Price: $12.50 USD
  • Author: Steve Hanson
  • Illustrator: Louisa Rempala
  • Original Publication Date: 11/11/11
  • Summary:
    If you find little wrappers littering your daisies, a bunch of bumblebees are probably popping pink bubbles while reading their comic books. It certainly wasn’t a butterfly because butterflies don’t chew bubblegum!
  • 2014 Revised Paperback:
    978-0-9838019-5-5 (only this ISBN matches the words in the eBook)
  • Original Paperback ISBN:
    978-0-9838019-1-7 (Out of Print)
  • Original Hardcover ISBN:
    978-0-9838019-2-4 (Out of Print)



“He knows the chorus by heart and says it before I can even turn the page.”

Simon on Amazon.

“My 2 year old daughter loves this book. The pictures are imaginative and the story delightfully silly.”

Amber on Amazon.

Why I Love Butterflies

As I kid, I was amazed that some butterflies travel across the country to lay their eggs in Mexico. That’s a long distance to travel — particularly when you’re so small! I also thought their wings were extremely beautiful. What other insect is as pretty to look at with so many different colors?

As an adult, I am fascinated by the transformation that all butterflies go through. They start from tiny eggs, grow into caterpillars and then a butterfly. Every time I’ve had a big transition in my life (such as leaving home for the first time, graduating from school or starting my first job), I’ve had to change and grow. I always think “if the butterflies can do it, so can I.”

– Steve

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