The Dax and Zippa Series

Hi! This is Dax and Zippa.

Here’s Dax and Zippa with Mom, Dad, and Grandma.

Dax lives with his parents in Wallapazoo, Minnesota. Dax and Zippa met at a town carnival and have been best friends ever since. Dax is a great kid, but occasionally gets into trouble. When he does, Zippa is always to blame.

Meet the Town

Postwoman Thelma

Officer Bickie

Mrs. Grinlin

Mr. Zickerton

Mayor Mary

Garbageman Roberts


Zookeeper Charlie

Dax’s Books

The Great Mail Mix-Up

Dax wants to mail a birthday card to Grandma, but an accident in the small-town post office mixes up everyone’s mail. Can Dax sort out the mess before his grandma’s birthday?

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The Great Monkey Escape

When the monkeys escape from the zoo, it’s up to Dax to get them back safely before they trash his small Minnesotan city.

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The Great Halloween Fog

When Zippa is injured and the Halloween festival is almost cancelled, can Dax find a way to save Halloween?

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The Great Wind Storm

Dax wants his grandma to have a wonderful time when she visits, but will a giant storm ruin his plans?

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Inspired by Minnesota

Minnesota Inspirations

About the Author

Author Steve Hanson