Dax and Zippa’s Great Mail Mix-Up

Dax and Zippa’s Great Mail Mix-Up

Dax and Zippa

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Fast Facts

  • Title: Dax and Zippa’s Great Mail Mix-Up
  • Ages: 5-8
  • Price: $2.99 USD
  • Author: Steve Hanson
  • Publication Date: Nov 25, 2013


Dax and Zippa met at a town carnival and have been best friends ever since. Dax is a great kid, but occasionally gets into trouble. When he does, his pet balloon animal Zippa is always to blame.

Dax wants to send his Grandma’s birthday card, but Zippa needs to know how the mail is sorted. (He’s sure there are sorting trolls!) When Zippa sneaks into the mail-sorting room, there’s a great mail mix-up. Everyone’s letters end up in the wrong place. Now it’s up to Dax and Zippa to fix the mess before bedtime or Grandma will never get her card on time.

The Great Mail Mix-Up is a short chapter book for children aged 5-8 who enjoy humorous stories. 10 Chapters. 5k words.