Fantastical New Zealand Series

Trudy and Pete are just ordinary New Zealand kids, but they keep stumbling upon adventure in the most unexpected places. Here’s some of the amazing characters they have met:


Lefty and Righty

The Mini Moas


Bernie Biscuits

The Books

The Mini Moas

Eight-year-old adventure seeker Pete is convinced something mysterious is hidden in the school staff room. His ten-year-old sister, Trudy, who is much more practical, is not. But when adventure does appear in Mini Moa form, can the siblings work together to outsmart a fake substitute caretaker?

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The Southern Alps Pegasus

Eight-year-old adventure seeker Pete is excited to explore a mysterious nighttime noise. His ten-year-old, more sensible, sister Trudy, thinks it sounds much too dangerous. But when it turns out to be a friendly pegasus in need of the brave sibling duo, can they put aside their differences to beat a vain mountain creature, or will the beauty of the Southern Alps disappear for good?

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Author Natasha Hanson