The Whens

The Whens

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Fast Facts

  • Title: The Whens
  • List Price: $12.50 USD
  • Author: Steve Hanson
  • Illustrator: Louisa Rempala
  • Publication Date: 11/11/11
  • Summary: In a life filled with promises of happiness, it takes a brave or foolish man to step off the trail of Whens. Are you ready to start the journey to being happy now?
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“It reminds me of a Dr. Seuss book with whimsical art work and a message that speaks to all ages.”
Canelda on Amazon.

“This clever and deceptively simple book reminds us that we should look for happiness from within ourselves rather than from outside measures of success…”
ChristopherDM on Amazon.

The Story

Because we are all in search of our next “I’ll be happy When”, we sometimes forget that life is filled with joy and beauty right “now”. The Whens is an encouraging book for recent graduates. We wanted it to be a thoughtful, quick, simple read so the message of “following your smile” and “being happy now” didn’t get lost in the clutter. Are you brave enough to step off the trail of Whens to find your happiness now?

A Book for Recent Graduates

I wrote this book for recent high school graduates. So many students think their life will be perfect when they get an ivy league education and a glamorous job like a lawyer… but I think the best life is following your passion. Go be a lawyer, but only if you love studying the law. My passions is writing while the clouds roll by my window.

Happiness is doing what you love now. So have the courage to pursue it and go follow your smile.

– Steve

Our Latest Blog Post about Happiness

Hands (and the world) are Amazing

the world is amazing
My son often looks at his hands. When he’s staring at them, nothing else matters. His world is captivating, new, interesting, exciting. He has the biggest smile on his face.

Whenever I feel bored or worry that I’m nothing special, I look down at my hands and try to remember what it was like to see them for the first time… the dozens of places they bend… the countless shapes they make… the actions they can perform… the wrinkles on the skin.

Then I wonder how I ever felt bored living in such a magical world. Everything around you is amazing from hands to electricity to carpet to music — you just have to be willing to appreciate it.

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