Who are Steve and Natasha? The Quiz

Who are Steve and Natasha? The Quiz

Who are Steve and Natasha

Ah ha ha ha! I’m a dreaded witch and your host for How Well Do You Know Steve and Natasha? Click on my magic cauldrons to answer the questions below.

Question 1: Steve and Natasha met at a zoo near the monkey cage.
False: Steve and Natasha met at the movies. Steve had taken a year off from work to focus on his writing in New Zealand when they bumped into each other at the movies.
Question 2: Steve owns at least 9 wigs and 12 Hawaiian shirts.
True: Steve has bought a new wig every Halloween almost every year. If he ever reads at your school, he’ll probably be in a Hawaiian shirt!
Question 3: Steve loves to dress up as pizza.
True: When Steve was a kid, his favorite food was pizza so he made a pizza costume (with a lot of help from his mother!)
Question 4: Tasha won a yodeling competition on the radio.
False: Tasha has never yodeled, but her voice has been on the radio many times. She used to work writing radio jingles.
Question 5: Steve’s first story was about an alien that lived in his fridge.
True: When Steve was 6 years old and learning to write, the first story ever recorded was about an alien that caused mischief in the fridge.
Question 6: Steve has been face to face with a shark in the ocean.
True: Steve has his scuba certification and has been close to sharks, sting rays, crabs, lobsters and all sorts of crazy fish.
Question 7: Natasha was banished to the top of the field surrounded by sheep because her bag pipes were so loud.
True: Natasha’s sister made her practice bag pipes away from the house because they were so loud. Thankfully, she didn’t mind Natasha practicing violin, piano and cello in the house.
Question 8: As a teenager Steve directed movies about turtles with his friends.
False: Steve actually made four movies about mathematics with his friends.
Question 9: Natasha had a pet peacock that would eat cat food.
True: Natasha grew up with peacocks, turkeys, goats, rabbits, sheep, pigs and chickens as pets. The peacock loved to chase the cats away so it could eat all the cat food.
Question 10: Steve used to write a newsletter to his relatives so they knew when he cleaned his room and what he was learning in school.
True: Steve has always loved making newsletters. As a kid he mailed newsletters to all of his relatives and in college he emailed weekly jokes to his friends. Now he writes the Glow Word Books’ monthly newsletter.

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