Our Dream

Our Dream

One day Natasha and I realized we could no longer resist the call of books. We were talking about what we’d love to do in an ideal world where there were no bills to pay or deadlines to meet… and we both wanted to write. She wanted to change the world and improve the lives of women. I wanted to lift people’s spirits with fun, silly and creative stories. At the end of the conversation, we asked “What’s stopping us?” It turns out nothing.

So we founded Glow Word Books. We chose to start an indie publishing company instead of going with a traditional one because we liked the idea of controlling our own destiny. We wanted to design our own covers, brainstorm our titles, and have the final say about the book’s content. It’s been so much fun to learn all the ins and outs about how books are made. (I had no idea how much love went into books behind the scenes!)

Since we started writing, our daily life has continued like normal: I kept my day job, we had our first child and we’ve still had to make time for laundry and grocery shopping. So our books get written in stolen moments throughout the day… before bed, on lunch breaks, while our son naps. But we wouldn’t have it any other way because there’s nothing more rewarding than following a dream.

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